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1Version 3.0 (2008-01-30)
2        Added map and area elements to the default valid_elements list and also some indentation rules.
3        Fixed bug where empty paragraphs wasn't padded when loading contents.
4        Fixed bug where the RowLayout manager didn't work at all.
5        Fixed bug where style attribute data would get messed up in advimage dialog.
6        Fixed bug where the table dialogs class select wasn't updated correctly.
7        Fixed bug where elements would get extra whitespace around on insert when body was present in valid_elements.
8        Fixed bug where coords attribute of the area element wasn't handled properly in IE.
9        Fixed bug where Safari didn't produce BR elements on shift+return.
10        Fixed bug where force blocks would cast odd invalid attribute exception in IE.
11        Fixed bug where media plugin would produce extra whitespace before and after objects.
12        Fixed bug where cleanup_callback could break the contents of the editor. But use the new event system instead of this option.
13        Fixed bug where the tab_focus option didn't work between editor instanced. You can now tab between editors.
14        Fixed bug where the load function of the ScriptLoader class didn't load single files without the load que as it was supposed to.
15        Fixed bug where the execcommand_callback parameter order was incorrect. Recommendation use the new addCommand method.
16        Fixed bug where calls sometimes failed on some IE versions.
17        Fixed bug where Safari was scrolling to top of document when enter/returned was pressed.
18        Fixed bug where fullscreen_new_window option didn't work correctly.
19        Fixed bug where the nonbreaking plugin inserted an space instead of an non breaking space the first time.
20        Fixed bug where the visualization of non breaking spaces where visual in element path.
21        Fixed so the focus is restored to the editor after inserting an custom character.
22        Fixed so the isNotDirty state is set to false if a new undo level is added.
23        Fixed so pointless style information for borders gets removed in IE.
24        Fixed so the resize button has a se-resize cursor css value.
25Version 3.0rc2 (2008-01-18)
26        Added new fix_nesting option to fix bug #1867292, this is disabled by default.
27        Added new indentation option enables you to specify how much each indent/outdent call will add/remove.
28        Added easier support for enabling/disabling icon columns on drop menues.
29        Added new menu button control class. This control is very similar to the splitbutton but without any onclick action.
30        Added support for previous tab focus (shift+tab). The tab_focus setting now takes two items next and previous element.
31        Fixed bug where iframes inside the editor got removed in Firefox on initial load.
32        Fixed bug where the CSS for abbr elements wasn't applied correctly in IE.
33        Fixed bug where mceAddControl on element inside a hidden container produced errors.
34        Fixed bug where closed anchors like <a /> produced strange results.
35        Fixed bug where caret would jump to the top of the editor if enter was pressed a the end of a list.
36        Fixed bug where remove editor failed if the editor wasn't properly initialized.
37        Fixed bug where render call on for a non existing element produced exception.
38        Fixed bug where parent window was hidden when the color picker was used in a non inlinepopups setup.
39        Fixed bug where onchange event wasn't fired correctly on IE when color picker was used in dialogs.
40        Fixed bug where save plugin could not save contents if the converted element wasn't an textarea.
41        Fixed bug where events might be fired even after an editor instance was removed such as blur events.
42        Fixed bug where an exception about undefined undo levels could be throwed sometimes.
43        Fixed bug where the plugin_preview_pageurl option didn't work.
44        Fixed bug where adding/removing an editor instance very fast could produce problems.
45        Fixed bug where the link button was highlighted when an anchor element was selected.
46        Fixed bug where the selected contents where removed if a new anchor element was added.
47        Fixed bug where splitbuttons where rendered one pixel down in the default theme.
48        Fixed bug where some buttons where placed at incorrect positions in the o2k7 theme.
49        Fixed bug that made it impossible to visually disable a custom button that used an image instead of CSS sprites.
50        Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to press delete/backspace if the editor was added+removed and re-added due to a FF bug.
51        Fixed bug where an entities option with only 38,amp,60,lt,62,gt would fail in IE.
52        Fixed bug where innerHTML sometimes generated unknown runtime error on IE.
53        Fixed bug where content_css files wasn't loaded in the template preview iframe.
54        Fixed bug where scroll position was incorrect when toggling fullscreen mode.
55        Fixed bug where restoration of overflow didn't work correctly when disabling fullscreen mode in Opera.
56        Fixed bug where drop menus where places at incorrect locations if the editor was placed in a scrollable container element.
57        Fixed bug where hideMenu didn't hide sub menus correctly. It will now hide all menus recursively.
58        Fixed so theme_advanced_path_location can be used in init options for compatibility reasons.
59        Fixed so the drop menu colors matches the rest of o2k7 theme.
60        Fixed so the preview example.html file is updated to the new 3.x API.
61        Fixed so the margins are the same by default inside the editable area between IE and other browsers.
62        Fixed so editor contents gets stored before it the onSubmit event is fired.
63Version 3.0rc1 (2008-01-08)
64        Added new classes for toolbar rows in advanced theme mceToolbarRow1..n enabled you to change appearance of individual rows.
65        Added auto detection for the strict_loading_mode option when running in application/xhtml+xml mode on Gecko.
66        Optimized the HTML serializer by bundling some post process methods together.
67        Fixed so that the toolbars have unique IDs, enables you to alter the toolbars using the ControlManager and the DOM.
68        Fixed bug where delta values for dialog sizes in language packs didn't work correctly due to missing string to number casting.
69        Fixed bug where paragraph generation logic didn't handle hr or table elements correctly if they where the only element.
70        Fixed bug where some elements got extra linebreaks added after or before it in HTML output.
71        Fixed bug where it was hard to modify existing style data on table rows and table cells.
72        Fixed bug where the dom.getRect method didn't handle non pixel values correctly.
73        Fixed bug where strikethrough and underline couldn't be toggled on existing span elements.
74        Fixed bug where the postprocessor searched for nsbp instead of nbsp entities.
75        Fixed bug where it was impossible to edit links that had child elements within them.
76        Fixed bug where it was possible to click on the parent item of a submenu.
77        Fixed bug where mouseover/mouseout images couldn't be removed in advimage dialog.
78        Fixed bug where drop menus didn't work when running in application/xhtml+xml mode.
79        Fixed bug where Opera added doctype to output in application/xhtml+xml mode.
80        Fixed bug where some DOM methods didn't work correctly in the application/xhtml+xml mode.
81        Fixed bug where the inlinepopups didn't work correctly in the application/xhtml+xml mode.
82        Fixed bug where the ColorSplitButton didn't display correctly in the application/xhtml+xml mode.
83        Fixed bug where the UI layout was incorrect on Gecko browsers when running in application/xhtml+xml mode.
84        Fixed bug where the word paste plugin produced exception while running in application/xhtml+xml mode.
85        Fixed bug where there wasn't any hidden input element generated for divs while running in application/xhtml+xml mode.
86        Fixed bug where indentation of script/style/pre elements where incorrect.
87        Fixed bug where script element contents was removed in IE.
88        Fixed bug where script element contents got entity encoded.
89        Fixed bug where you couldn't edit existing element styles using the styles plugin.
90        Fixed bug where styles wasn't updated properly sometimes due to an performance enhancement.
91        Fixed bug where font sizes couldn't be changed using the style plugin.
92        Fixed bug where an error was produced in Gecko browsers when switching back from fullscreen mode.
93        Fixed bug where Opera was producing br elements after elements like h3.
94        Fixed bug where TinyMCE couldn't be loaded on a page using - characters in it's URL.
95        Fixed bug where the editor container element was forced to have a specific name.
96        Fixed bug with force_br_newlines option on Firefox, even though it should never be used (Read FAQ).
97        Fixed bug where onclick event had an return true; prefix added when creating an popup.
98        Fixed bug where the theme_advanced_statusbar_location option couldn't handle the value "none".
99        Fixed issue with URLs with multiple at characters for example an Zope URI.
100        Fixed so simple and advanced themes doesn't collide.
101        Fixed so a elements gets removed when the href field is left empty, the href attribute is required in a link after all.
102        Fixed so img elements gets removed when the src field is left empty, the src attribute is required for all images after all.
103        Removed the indent and encode methods from the tinymce.dom.Serializer class due to performance enhancement and reduction of the API size.
104Version 3.0b3 (2007-12-14)
105        Added new getElement method to Editor class, returns the element that was replaced with the editor instance.
106        Added new unavailable prefix for disabled controls for accessibility reasons.
107        Fixed bug where regexp patterns couldn't be used for the editor_selector/editor_deselector options.
108        Fixed bug where the DOM wasn't properly initialized before the onInit event was executed in popups.
109        Fixed bug where font sizes where reduced by font size actions on previous spans in Safari.
110        Fixed bug where HR elements got places at the wrong location in IE.
111        Fixed bug where align/justify didn't work correctly on multiple paragraphs.
112        Fixed bug with missing translation for cell scope settings.
113        Fixed bug where selection/caret position was lost on some table actions.
114        Fixed bug where editor instances couldn't be added to hidden div elements.
115        Fixed bug where list elements in Safari would get an odd ID attribute.
116        Fixed bug where IE would return <html/> when the editor was completely empty.
117        Fixed bug where accessibility title attribute for access keys wasn't setup properly.
118        Fixed bug where forecolorpicker and backcolorpicker control names wasn't working.
119        Fixed bug where inserting template content didn't work in Safari due to selection exception.
120        Fixed bug where absolute URLs to remote hosts couldn't be used for background images.
121        Fixed bug where mysterious span elements where produced in Safari when injecting HTML contents.
122        Fixed bug where the media plugin didn't work correctly on the latest Opera 9.24.
123        Fixed bug where indentation of HTML output wasn't applied to all block elements.
124        Fixed bug where Safari was production DOM exception if you pressed enter in an empty editor.
125        Fixed bug where media plugin didn't parse script tags correctly patch contributed by Mathieu Campagna.
126        Fixed bug where the drop menus of list boxes like blockformat could produce scrolling of the page.
127        Fixed bug where the drop menus where placed at an incorrect location if TinyMCE was placed in a scrollable div.
128        Fixed bug where submit buttons couldn't be named submit, it's not recommended to name submit buttons submit anyway.
129        Fixed bug where the stylelistbox produced an exception if there was only one class in the list box.
130        Fixed bug where the stylelistbox wasn't updated correctly when the current class was removed.
131        Fixed bug where the formatblock command sometimes removed the body element.
132        Fixed bug where fullscreen switching in IE sometimes produced an exception when the spellchecker plugin was enabled.
133        Fixed issue where FF produced an empty paragraph when the editor was completely empty.
134        Fixed issue with size of image dialog in the advanced theme.
135        Fixed issues with the bbcode plugin it now also handles spans and the [font] rule.
136        Fixed so the style compression feature is a bit smarter to resolve issues with Opera.
137        Reintroduced the remove_linebreaks option, this is enabled by default.
138Version 3.0b2 (2007-11-29)
139        Added type and compact attributes to the default valid_elements list for the ul and ol elements.
140        Added missing accessibility support to native list boxes in both the toolbar and dialogs.
141        Added missing access key for the element path for accessibility reasons.
142        Fixed support for loading themes from external URLs.
143        Fixed bug where setOuterHTML didn't work correctly when multiple elements where passed to it.
144        Fixed bug with visualchars plugin was moving elements around in the DOM.
145        Fixed bug with DIV elements that got converted into editors on IE.
146        Fixed bug with paste plugin using the old event API.
147        Fixed bug where the spellchecker was removing the word when it was ignored.
148        Fixed bug where fullscreen wasn't working properly.
149        Fixed bug where the base href element and attribute was ignored.
150        Fixed bug where redo function didn't work in IE.
151        Fixed bug where content_css didn't work as previous 2.x branch.
152        Fixed bug where preview dialog was throwing errors if the content_css wasn't defined.
153        Fixed bug where the theme_advanced_path option didn't work like the 2.x branch.
154        Fixed bug where the theme_advanced_statusbar_location was called theme_advanced_status_location.
155        Fixed bug where the strict_loading_mode option didn't work if you created editors dynamically without using the EditorManager.
156        Fixed bug where some language values wasn't translated such as insert and update in dialogs.
157        Fixed bug where some image attributes wasn't stored correctly when inserting an image.
158        Fixed bug where fullscreen mode didn't restore scrollbars when disabled.
159        Fixed bug where there was no visual representation for tab focus in toolbars on IE.
160        Fixed bug where HR elements wasn't treated as block elements so forced_root_block would fail on these.
161        Fixed bug where autosave presented warning message even when the form was submitted normally.
162        Fixed typo of openBrower it's now openBrowser in form_utils.js.
163        Fixed various HTML problems like missing TD elements and duplicated doctypes.
164        Fixed default values for theme_advanced_resize_horizontal, theme_advanced_resizing_use_cookie to be 2.x compatible.
165        Moved spellchecker JS files into the development package.
166        Removed support for theme_advanced_path_location since the theme_advanced_statusbar_location is the correct option name.
167Version 3.0b1 (2007-11-21)
168        Added new tab_focus option, that enables you to specify a element id or that the next element to be focused on tab key down.
169        Added new addQueryValueHandler method to the tinymce.Editor class.
170        Added new class_filter option, this enables you to specify a function that can filter out CSS classes for the styles list box.
171        Added support form [url=url]title[/url] to the bbcode plugin.
172        Renamed the addCommandQueryState method in the tinymce.Editor class to addQueryStateHandler.
173        Renamed loadQue to loadQueue, to correct spelling.
174        Removed the createDOM method from the window manager and replace it with a createInstance method.
175        Removed the add to beginning of class attribute parameter of the DOMUtils.addClass method.
176        Fixed bug with the forced_root_block option, didn't work correctly with multiple inline elements.
177        Fixed bug where image dialogs replaced the current image element with a new one even when it was updated.
178        Fixed bug where the submit trigger wasn't executed when divs where converted into editor instances.
179        Fixed bug where div elements that got converted into editors didn't get a hidden input element generated for them.
180        Fixed bug where the the media_use_script option for the media plugin wasn't working correctly.
181        Fixed bug where the font size and font family listboxes wasn't updated correctly on Safari.
182        Fixed bug where the height of the fieldset in default image dialog for the advanced theme was to small.
183        Fixed bug where the font sizes behaved incorrectly after a cleanup on Safari.
184        Fixed bug where formatblock didn't work correctly in Safari on some elements.
185        Fixed bug where template plugin didn't insert content correctly unless some options where specified.
186        Fixed bug where charmap on Safari produced scrollbars.
187        Fixed bug where there was white artifacts in some dialogs due to missing background color.
188        Fixed bug where port was added to all external URLs if the editor was loaded from a custom port.
189        Fixed bug where the context menus got duplicated on Safari 3.0.4 on Mac OS X.
190        Fixed bug where dialogs like paste from word was huge on Firefox.
191        Fixed bug with media plugin not working with windows media objects.
192        Fixed bug where a forever loop was created if multiple instances where submitted using form.submit.
193        Fixed bug with editing a table produce error in IE when inlinepopups where used.
194        Fixed bug where the style plugin generated ugly looking style information in IE.
195        Fixed bug where the inline dialogs that got opened while in fullscreen mode wasn't visible.
196        Fixed bug where it was difficult to place the caret inside the word paste dialog.
197        Fixed bug where Opera produced strange border in the word paste dialog.
198        Fixed bug where viewport constraints could move a inlinepopup to a negative x, y position if the viewport was to small.
199        Fixed bug where template plugin was producing an error due to a deprecated API call.
200        Fixed bug where drag drop of images failed in Gecko if a document_base_url was specified.
201        Fixed bug where Firefox 3 failed to apply block formats like H1-H6 it still breaks on DIVs this has been reported to bugzilla.
202        Fixed bug where IE was producing a warning dialog about non secure items when running TinyMCE over HTTPS.
203        Fixed bug where the onbeforeunload event was triggered when menus or dialogs where opened.
204        Fixed bug where the fullscreen mode of the HTML view source box threw an error.
205        Fixed bug where the mceFocus command didn't work correctly.
206        Fixed bug where the selection could get lost in IE using inlinepopups.
207        Fixed so the body of the editor area has the mceContentBody class just like the 2.x branch.
208        Fixed so the media icon gets active when a media element is selected.
209Version 3.0a3 (2007-11-13)
210        Added new experimental jQuery and Prototype framework adapters to the development package.
211        Added new translation.html file for the development package. Helps with the internationalization of TinyMCE.
212        Added new setup callback option, use this callback to add events to TinyMCE. This method is recommended over the old callbacks.
213        Added new API documetation to all classes, functions, events, properties to the Wiki with examples etc.
214        Added new init method to all plugins and themes, since it's shorter to write and it mimics interface capable languages better.
215        Fixed various CSS issues in the default skin such as alignment of split buttons and separators.
216        Fixed issues with mod_security. It didn't like that a content type of text/javascript was forced in a XHR.
217        Fixed all events so that they now pass the sender object as it's first argument.
218        Fixed some DOM methods so they now can take an array as input.
219        Fixed so addButton and the methods of the ControlManager uses less arguments and it now uses a settings object instead.
220        Fixed various issues with the tinymce.util.URI class.
221        Fixed bug in IE and Safari and the on demand gzip loading feature.
222        Fixed bug with moving inline windows sometimes failed in IE6.
223        Fixed bug where save_callback function wasn't executed at all.
224        Fixed bug where inlinepopups produces scrollbars if windows where moved to the corners of the browser.
225        Fixed bug where view HTML source failed when inserting a embedded media object.
226        Fixed bug where the listbox menus didn't display correctly on IE6.
227        Fixed bug where undo level wasn't added when editor was blurred.
228        Fixed bug where spellchecker wasn't disabled when fullscreen mode was enabled.
229        Fixed bug where Firefox could crash some times when the user switched to fullscreen mode.
230        Fixed bug where tinymce.ui.DropMenu didn't remove all item data when an item was removed from the menu.
231        Fixed bug where anchor list in advlink dialog wasn't populated correctly in Safari.
232        Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to edit tables in IE when inlinepopups was enabled.
233        Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to change the table width of an existing table.
234        Fixed bug where xhtmlxtras like abbr didn't work correctly on IE.
235        Fixed bug where IE6 had some graphics rendering issues with the inlinepopups.
236        Fixed bug where inlinepopup windows where moved incorrectly when they were boundary checked for min width.
237        Fixed bug where textareas without id or name couldn't be converted into editor instances.
238        Fixed bug where TinyMCE was stealing element focus on IE.
239        Fixed bug where the getParam method didn't handle false values correctly.
240        Fixed bug where inlinepopups was clipped by other TinyMCE instances or relative elements in IE.
241        Fixed bug where the contextmenu was clipped by other TinyMCE instances or relative elements in IE.
242        Fixed bug where listbox menus was clipped by other TinyMCE instances or relative elements in IE.
243        Fixed bug where listboxes wasn't updated correctly when the a value wasn't found by select.
244        Fixed various CSS issues that produced odd rendering bugs in IE.
245        Fixed issues with tinymce.ui.DropMenu class, it required some optional settings to be specified.
246        Fixed so multiple blockquotes can be removed with a easier method than before.
247        Optimized some of the core API to boost performance.
248        Removed some functions from the core API that wasn't needed.
249Version 3.0a2 (2007-11-02)
250        Fixed critical bug where IE generaded an error on a hasAttribute call in the serialization engine.
251        Fixed critical bug where some dialogs didn't open in the non dev package.
252        Fixed bug when using the theme_advanced_styles option. Error was thrown in some dialogs.
253        Fixed bug where the close buttons produced an error when native windows where used.
254        Fixed bug in default skin so that split buttons gets activated correctly.
255        Fixed so plugins can be loaded from external urls outsite the plugins directory.
256Version 3.0a1 (2007-11-01)
257        Rewrote the core and most of the plugins and themes from scratch.
258        Added new and improved serialization engine, faster and more powerful.
259        Added new internal event system, things like editor.onClick.add(func).
260        Added new inlinepopups plugin, the dialogs are now skinnable and uses clearlooks2 as default.
261        Added new contextmenu plugin, context menus can now have submenus and plugins can add items on the fly.
262        Added new skin support for the simple and advanced themes you can alter the whole UI using CSS.
263        Added new o2k7 skin for the simple and advanced themes.
264        Added new custom list boxes for font size/format/style etc with preview support.
265        Added new UI management, enabled plugins to create controls like splitbuttons or menus easier.
266        Added new JSON parser/serializer and JSON-RPC class to the core API.
267        Added new cookie utility class to the core API.
268        Added new Unit testing class to the core API only available in dev mode.
269        Added new firebug lite integration when loading the dev version of TinyMCE.
270        Added new Safari plugin, fixes lots compatibility of issues with Safari 3.x.
271        Added new URI/URL parsing it now handles the hole RFC and even some exceptions.
272        Added new pagebreak plugin, enables you to insert pagebreak comments like <!-- pagebreak -->
273        Added new on demand loading of plugins and themes. Enables you to load and init TinyMCE at any time.
274        Added new throbber/progress visualization a plugin can show/hide this when it's needed.
275        Added new blockquote button. Enables you to wrap paragraphs in blockquotes.
276        Added new compat2x plugin. Will provide a TinyMCE 2.x API for older plugins.
277        Added new theme_advanced_resizing_min_width, theme_advanced_resizing_min_height options.
278        Added new theme_advanced_resizing_max_height, theme_advanced_resizing_max_height options.
279        Added new use_native_selects option. Enables you to toggle native listboxes on and off.
280        Added new docs_url option enables you to specify where the TinyMCE user documentation is located.
281        Added new frame and rules options for the table dialog.
282        Added new global rule for valid_elements/extended_valid_elements enables you to specify global attributes for all elements.
283        Added new deny attribute rule characher so it's possible to deny global attribute rules on specific elements.
284        Added new unit tests in the dev package of TinyMCE. Runs tests on the core API, commands and settings of the editor.
285        Readded the inline_styles option and enabled it by default so deprecated attributes are no longer used.
286        Removed all button images and replaced them with CSS sprite images. Reduces the number of requests needed.
287        Removed lots of language files and merged them into the base language files. Reduces the number of requests needed.
288        Removed lots of unnecessary files and merged many of them together to reduce requests and improve loading speed.
289        Reduced the over all script size by 33% and the number of files/requests by 75% so it loads a lot faster.
290        Fixed so convert_fonts_to_spans are enabled by default. So no more font tags.
291        Fixed so underline and strikethrough uses spans instread of deprecated U and STRIKE elements.
292        Fixed so indent/outdent adds/removed margin-left instead of blockquotes.
293        Fixed so alignment of paragraphs results in a text-align style value instead of the deprecated align attribute.
294        Fixed so alignment of images uses float or vertical-align style values instead of the deprecated align attribute.
295        Fixed so all classes from @import stylesheets gets imported into the editor.
296        Fixed so the directionality can toggle the dir attribute on and off.
297        Fixed so the fullscreen_settings can be used for all types of fullscreen modes.
298        Fixed so the advanced HR dialog gets displayed when inserting a HR not only on edit.
299        Fixed bug where word wrap didn't work in the source editor on Safari.
300        Fixed so non HTML elements can be used within the editor such as <myns:tag>
301        Fixed various memory leaks in IE and reduced the unload cleanups needed.
302        Fixed so the preformatted option adds an invisible container pre tag inside the editor.
303        Renamed the _template plugin to example and updated it to use the new 3.x API.
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