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Free is organized

Hello everyone,,,
This is a call
(pure copy paste)
Free organizes the appointment of free Internet users on Saturday, September 8 at 21 Hours!
Be present !!
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The staff organizes for the second time on irc, a meeting between free Internet users !!!
Webmasters who make the free remains what it is !!
Musicians will come to talk about them and their works !!
To make known, and to make known his soft, his site !!
Quite simply, a debate on the GNU / Linux system and what comes out of it !!

The virtual meeting will take place on our open-spirit chan irc at the following address:

For those who have a client mirc or xchat
For those who do not, download the Client irc HERE
Or use the applet java "chat" in the menu on the homepage of the site.
Come numerous

For more information

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