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Radio show: Are you free tonight?

Hello everyone,,
Like every month, I come to bother you with my show "Are you free tonight".

94 people came to listen to the previous show. For this show, fourth of the name, the bar of 100 people must be crossed. And for that, I need YOU!

How to do ? It's simple, the show will be broadcast on Thursday, July 12, 21 hours on N'Radio, and Friday, July 13, which will bring you luck, 21 hours on 8000 (mp3: with a chat party on: /

On the program, free music, of course, all styles. Pop, Rock, Songs - of course - but also R'N'B, Electro, Techno, Rap, Reggae ... All new free talent, are in EVLCS.
Also on the program, the journal of free music (JDML) with an interview with Amélie, administrator of

And then, for the second time, vote for your favorite title by sending an email to the address The title with the most votes will be rebroadcast and will have an article on the site of the show: . New this time, you can earn autographed CDs, and concert tickets in your area by answering a question, be attentive!

And as good news never comes alone, EVLCS will soon be broadcast on Parisian FM and Paris. And here we can talk about "mission 10000 listeners" ...

In the meantime, good evening (s) to all. And I'm counting on you!

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