10 morceaux au hasard

lecture :

People Ignore who i Am - Two

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Empire Rouge Music Concept - [Am I a porno mAn?]Lesson IV: Alone

[The Lady in the Radiator] - [90>120<180]Le temps est venu...

techno indus rock
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People Ignore who i Am - Apathie (Lyrics Dimitri Defrain)

Chanson francophone
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RsR Collective Sound - === [OnSyRisque] Album complet + graphisme ===

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Sac à boulons - [live repetita] En silence

Dead Joshua - downstairs

Atomic cat - ElectroniK Bitch

Philippe Chavaroche - Lisse amer-n11

[The Lady in the Radiator] - Dead man walking -night song (rust never sleeps)