10 morceaux au hasard

lecture :

[The Lady in the Radiator] - [Automatic voltage regulator] - Kiss me Hurt me Kill me

RsR Collective Sound - [Featuring Album 2] 10-Quarante euros de l' heure (Spleen & PIA)

The E Sound Project - Hallucinabass (Version Le Son du Libre 2009 Le Club Mix)

Dead Joshua - something i can remember

noisy rock
Licence Art Libre

Dead Joshua - burning by

noisy rock
Licence Art Libre

People Ignore who i Am - Ça s'aime

Creative Commons by-nc-nd 2.5

Dead Joshua - suwaded

People Ignore who i Am - Mer porteuse

Chanson francophone
Creative Commons by-nc-nd 2.0

RsR Collective Sound - === [OnSyRisque] Album complet + graphisme ===

Flac.16bits = 217Mo // Ogg.240 = 60Mo // Mp3.256 = 65Mo
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RsR Collective Sound - [J'ai vu un son]_13_[People Ignore Who I am - Empire Rouge Music Concept - Dimitri Defrain] Insomnies Electro