10 morceaux au hasard

lecture :

The E Sound Project - The E sound Project-All_Tracks-MP3

The E Sound Project - Changer (feat The E Voice)

People Ignore who i Am - Naufrage [remix]

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[The Lady in the Radiator] - [90<120>180]Demain il fera mieux

rock industriel
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Tit Patapons - === Cover bonne qualité ===

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RsR Collective Sound - [the featuring album] 03 - Maydoo - The E sound project - Acid battle.

Empire Rouge Music Concept - Empire Rouge Music Concept - Belle histoire EP 2005

Dead Joshua - [something around] 08 - wait - feat Empire Rouge Music Concept

noisy rock
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Dead Joshua - dead people (feat. People Ignore who i Am)

Dead Joshua - taking my pain away

noisy rock
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