10 morceaux au hasard

lecture :

Empire Rouge Music Concept - Par le sang

RsR Collective Sound - [FEAT- Maladroit 8] The lady in the radiator feat Mammaroma - Maladroit VIII ( Vocal mix)

Philippe Chavaroche - Running mountains

RSR La Radio - [Mind reader Blues]EM2 Avril 2013

Domaine Public

RsR Collective Sound - [Featuring Album 2] 07-Hit the hype (The E Sound Project & Gerry Montet)

People Ignore who i Am - Prologue

Creative Commons by-nc-nd 2.0

[The Lady in the Radiator] - [Automatic voltage regulator] - Rendez moi ma liberté.

Dead Joshua - echoes [samples from Empire Rouge Music Concept]

noisy rock
Creative Commons by-nc-sa 2.0

Empire Rouge Music Concept - Servitudes volontaires (corporate mix)

[The Lady in the Radiator] - Âmes intimes (the e sound remix)