10 morceaux au hasard

lecture :

People Ignore who i Am - Heard

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Philippe Chavaroche - Lisse amer EP

People Ignore who i Am - Des hommes

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People Ignore who i Am - Ca sert à rien

Chanson francophone
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RsR Collective Sound - [Featuring Album 2] 11- The world in your arms (Dead Joshua & The lady in the radiator)

Dead Joshua - so far (feat. Empire Rouge Music Concept)

Les oreilles du monde - [Les_oreilles_du monde]Un_son-un bruit-une_ambiance-Son_68

Captation sonore
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RsR Collective Sound - [the featuring album] 01 - Philippe Chavaroche - The lady in the radiator - Domestiquez les masses.

RsR Collective Sound - [OnSyRisque] 03 Tit Patapons - Banc Pudique [Txt: Ambre]

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Sac à boulons - [live repetita] Miss peabody