10 morceaux au hasard

lecture :

Trois Ptits Points - Madame n'a jamais tort

brasier électro poétique
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[The Lady in the Radiator] - [90<120>180]Demain il fera mieux

rock industriel
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Sac à boulons - [Ici cet ailleur]01-Gérard.

People Ignore who i Am - Omaha

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Sac à boulons - [live repetita] Miss peabody

Dead Joshua - empty gateway

noisy rock
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RsR Collective Sound - [the featuring album] 07 - The lady in the radiator - The E sound Project - J' aime pas ta ganache ( tinacs cover)

People Ignore who i Am - Papiers pliés

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People Ignore who i Am - Sorry again

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The E Sound Project - For your pleasure