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[AUDIO] n' est il pas temps ?

Par Collegue - 2014-05-16 11:55:44

Maj du lien pour le set d' [ERMC] lors du son du libre 2009


n' est il pas temps?


Par Collegue - 2011-12-19 11:25:35


[ACTIVISME] Night time stories

Par Collegue - 2011-11-12 23:58:40

NightTime Stories


NightTime Stories from Regarde a vue on Vimeo.


Histoires du camp de refugiés de Deheisheh (Palestine). Les soldats ne viennent pas le jour. Ils viennent la nuit. Et ils arretent les gens. Ce n’est pas que les jeunes de Deheisheh commencent a s’y habituer, c’est…

Mais laissez les vous le raconter eux-meme…..


Licence CC BY NC ND


Par Collegue - 2011-11-11 23:52:30



ERMC - n'est il pas temps



[ACTIVISME] To shoot an elephant

Par Collegue - 2011-09-17 03:18:37

to shoot an elephant

"To shoot an elephant" is an eye witness account from The Gaza Strip. December 27th, 2008, Operation Cast Lead. 21 days shooting elephants. Urgent, insomniac, dirty, shuddering images from the only foreigners who decided and managed to stay embedded inside Gaza strip ambulances, with Palestinian civilians."

To shoot an elephant est un film documentaire qui relate les faits vus de l’intérieur lors de l’offensive israélienne contre la bande de Gaza ou 1400 palestiniens furent tués.

 « Nous voulons briser les barrières, nous luttons contre les tous droits réservés, notre devise est « pas de droits réservés » parce que la culture se transmet par le partage et non pas par des restrictions ». Alberto Arce

Film sous une licence CC-BY-SA



[ACTIVISME] Occupy wallstreet

Par Collegue - 2011-09-17 03:02:20




Contemporary society is commodified society, where the economic transaction has become the dominant way of relating to the culture and artifacts of human civilization, over and above all other means of understanding, with any exceptions being considered merely a temporary holdout as the market swiftly works on ways to monetize those few things which stubbornly remain untouched. Perhaps the most pernicious aspect of this current setup is that it has long ago co-opted the very means of survival within itself, making our existence not an inherent right endowed to us by the simple fact of our humanity but a matter of how much we're all worth -- the mere act of being alive has a price tag. Some pay it easily. Others pay for it with their submission. Others still can't pay it at all. Regardless, though, like cars, TVs and barrels of oil, our lives are commodities to be bought and sold on the open market amid the culture of ruthlessness and desperation that has arisen to accommodate it. This is the natural consequence of a society built around entities whose purpose it is to always, always minimize costs and maximize profits. It is the philosophy of growth for the sake of growth, the same ideology that drives a cancer cell. An economy in a steady state is not healthy. It needs to expand, constantly, perpetually.

Of course, nothing can expand forever. The second law of thermodynamics tell us this much at least. But that doesn't mean the market won't try. It's not enough that a soft drink becomes the dominant soda, it must become the dominant beverage, period. It's not enough that people build some things out of a certain material, it must be the only thing anyone ever builds anything out of, ever. It's not enough to make pills for the ailments from which people already seek relief, pills must be made for problems that people didn't even know existed until a commercial told them to ask their doctors about it. We all know this course is not sustainable, but there will be great damage done before this point is reached.

The people coming to Wall Street on September 17 come for a variety of reasons, but what unites them all is the opposition to the principle that has come to dominate not only our economic lives but our entire lives: profit over and above all else. Those that do not embrace this principle: prepare to be out-competed. They will lose the race to the bottom and the vulture will swoop down to feast. It is indicative of a deep spiritual sickness that has gripped civilization, a sickness that drives the vast deprivation, oppression and despoliation that has come to cover the world.

The world does not have to be this way. A society of ruthlessness and isolation can be confronted and replaced with a society of cooperation and community. Cynics will tell us this world is not possible. That the forces arrayed against us have won and will always win and, perhaps, should always win. But they are not gods. They are human beings, just like us. They are a product of a society that rewards the behavior that has led us to where we are today. They can be confronted. What's more, they can be reached. They just need to see us. See beyond the price tags we carry.


And if they are gods? Then we shall be Prometheus. And we shall laugh as we are lashed to the stone to await the eagle.

infos: https://occupywallst.org/